Monday, 27 September 2010

cupcake central, hawthorn

(please note: this post contains blurry photos)

On Thursday, I found out that this new cupcake place, recently opened near my office, sells a vegan cupcake! I wasn't at work again last week, so I then spent the whole weekend watching as what seemed like everyone in the world adventured over to try this vegan cupcake! My jealousy grew.

So today, even though we were full from our spud lunch, Emilly and I ventured through the rain for cupcakes.

There is only one vegan cupcake currently available at Cupcake Central: the red velvet cupcake.

vegan red velvet cupcake from cupcake central
i know it's blurry icing - it's focused on the cake!

I have never had a red velvet cupcake before, though I know that many people love them, so I can't really compare it to that. It was nice. I had been warned that it was a bit dry, but the icing helped with that, as I sort of mushed it in to the cake.

Speaking of mushy, whilst I try to open my mouth wide in order to fit the whole cake, icing and all, into my mouth, here is what Fi does:

fi's method of eating tall icing


The cupcake was good, though it could be more flavoursome, but at $3.80 a cupcake, probably only an irregular treat. Which is good, as it's right beside the train station and I'd have to walk by it EVERY DAY.

I'm thinking of baking my own red velvet cupcakes so I have something with which to compare it.

Cupcake Central
Shop 7, 672
Glenferrie Road


lisa said...

"A vegan cupcake" - lol

steph said...

It's not lol, it's saaad. That poor little cupcake, all alone!

Fiona said...

It is the SENSIBLE way to eat something with that much icing. Also, ELEGANT.

Johanna GGG said...

I tried a red velvet cake recent and it was dry as a brick - made me wonder if they were all so tasteless - will be interested to see how you go with making one

Sheryl said...

Thank you so much for blogging about us! We're still new to the Vegan cupcake scene and looking for ways to improve them as much as we can. We use 100% vegan ingredients, soy and Tofutti for the faux cream cheese frosting to make it as real as a Red Velvet as possible. We'll definitely be doing more trials over the next couple of weeks to bring out more Vegan flavours, such as classics as Vanilla. Hope to see you around soon and let us know your suggestions xo Sheryl