Wednesday, 15 September 2010

enlightened cuisine for lunch; or, things about noodles


The reason why Em and I ended up at Wagamama eating crappy soup noodles was because we reaaaaally wanted soup noodles, and we'd walked all the way to Enlightened Cuisine only to discover they don't do lunch on Sundays! SUPER SADFACE. We really wanted soupy noodles! Really truly!

So the next week, when I spent five days in the MCEC for Worldcon, I took the opportunity to visit Enlightened Cuisine on a quest for soupy noodles as many lunchtimes as possible! In the end, this was two.

laksa at the ec

Buried in the depths of my gross cold, I decided to try EC's laksa on my first lunch visit. This was spicy, which was excellent, but not quite assam-y or coconut-y. I did really enjoy the soup, and drank it up until my tongue was numb from spicyness. Oh yeah. Pleasant, and would eat again; but my search for the perfect vegan laksa in Melbourne continues.

wonton noodles at ec

On the second lunch visit, in the company of my friend Dr G, I tried the wonton noodle soup, which regular readers of this blog might recall that I adore. These wontons were pretty good, but I think the wonton noodles were the egg-based kind, which was unfortunate, and impacted my mood for the rest of the day. I may have lost my Awesome Vegan Powers! (temporarily) The broth was good, though. I would order this again, but swapping the wonton noodles out for rice noodles or something.

On this visit, Dr G ordered the cha siu noodle soup. This looked delicious, but due to my cold and potential contagion I elected not to steal any.

Oh how I love soupy noodles. They are great, especially when you're sick or sad or anything, really.

Previous visits: one; two.

Enlightened Cuisine
113 Queensbridge Street


Anonymous said...

Is the Laksa at Blue Chillies vegan? It is very good.

vegiebug said...

i think that because you are such a great vegan you didn't lose any of your awesome vegan powers, so don't stress :D That laksa looks tasty. I love me some laksa.

em! said...

My laksa hole remains unfilled.

Eurasian Sensation said...

I'm not all that optimistic at getting the ultimate vegan laksa at any of the Chinese vegetarian places, simply because they don't use onion and garlic. So I fear they will always underwhelm because of that - SE Asian food without shallots/garlic/onions is not really SE Asian food, at least to my way of thinking.

So if you want that laksa Steph, you may have to set about to making it yourself.