Thursday, 24 June 2010

vege2go, east brunswick

Despite living less than a fifteen minute walk from vege2go, before last week we had never tried their food! So when the opportunity to sample their wares in the company of Kristy and Toby arose, we took it.


Because I had heard around the place that vege2go now no longer does dine in, we ordered a takeaway. But Kristy and Toby reported back that there were people dining in! So now I don't know. If you have heard either way, please let me know!

Anyway, vege2go is all vegetarian, and has a range of vegan and gluten free options.

Danni and I decided to pick two dishes to share, going for the lasagna and the quinoa casserole. The lasagna was excellent, had a great taste and texture, nothing too overwhelming or bland. I would definitely eat it again.

The quinoa casserole (gf) was a bit bland and uninteresting, and there was something about the combination of quinoa and vegetables that I didn't like. Not a repeat for me.

Kristy ordered the stuffed capsicum (gf), which was filled with rice and some sort of sauce. This (which I sampled) was pretty good! And now I'm on a bit of a stuffed vegetable roll.

Toby went for the vegan parmiggiana. Not as good as the EBC parma, he declared, but still good.

We shared two sides, the roast winter vegies and the Mediterranean rice salad (both gf). The roast vegies were excellent, and there was something about them that I'd love to replicate. The rice salad was not great, Kristy insisted it tasted like cat pee, which is hardly a recommendation.

Finally, Kristy and Toby decided that we needed to splurge on dessert. The tiramisu, about which I've heard a lot, was delicious (and I don't like coffee). The chocolate mousse (gf) was good, and interestingly gooey.

All in all, would try again for a takeaway dinner, but nothing spectacular.

vege2go Vegitalian Food Store
452 Lygon Street
Brunswick East

GF options available
not open Sundays


Anonymous said...

their food has always looked a bit boring and unimaginative to me... I had the vegan tiramisu once.. and it was awful... didnt make me want to go back

lisa said...

Agree, the food is kinda bland, but sometimes that's what you want. The vegan lasagna is the highlight I reckon!

lisa said...

Also, I had heard they were take-away only too, but every time I ride past they are still operating out of the large shopfront with tables etc. Weird.

Vicki said...

I really like their lasagne & their pumpkin & tofu pastry triangle things & I heard that they are only doing take away too.

Danni said...

The lasagne was pretty good I thought. The rest of it wasn't fantastic and I can do better.

This is a silly thing, but I was really impressed with their online menu and its buttons to filter to only vegan and/or gluten-free options.

steph said...

@Carla, @lisa, yeah, it wasn't anything special but I'm happy to keep it on the 'lazy dinner takeout' options.

@Vicki i wouldn't mind trying the pastry triangle things to see what they taste like.

@danni maybe it is time for more in-house lasgana?!