Thursday, 3 June 2010

penang coffee house, hawthorn

I plugged toy camera (an IXUS 55) in to download some photos, only to discover there's photos on there from a month ago! Early in May we adventured over to Hawthorn not, as we usually would, for Plush Pizza, but to try out the noms at the Penang Coffee House on Burwood Road.

I had been really looking forward to this. I'd heard it was cheap, and that there was vegan laksa available, and I am still on my quest for a good restaurant laksa suitable for vegans here in Melbourne. If you have any recs, please share them with me!

Anyway, Penang noms. Oh Penang, love of my heart, with your hawker foods and your strong Hokkien influence and your delicious fun times.

At Penang Coffee House, I found and located the laksa, and refused to share.


It was not that great. I mean, it was a perfectly serviceable noodle soup, but it was a bit bland, and not at all spicy. The noodles, curry and tofu that Danni and Jo shared were much better. The sayor loday had a rich flavour, and the stuffed tofus were fresh and delicious, and the noodles (I think a mee goreng) were tasty but a bit lacking in wok hei.

stuffed tofu

Despite my laksa disappointment, I would give Penang Coffee House another go; in fact, I plan to order takeaway tomorrow.

ETA: well, I am eating my lunch now, and I just remembered another thing I didn't like about Penang Coffee House: THERE IS PINEAPPLE IN MY NOODLES. I'm out.

Penang Coffee House
549 Burwood Rd


Cindy said...

I have heard that Nasi Lemak House in Carlton does a good vegan laksa. We went there last week (post coming soon!) but didn't order the laksa; however what we did eat was cheap and tasty.

Re: Wabi Sabi Salon - I think it's a KristyToby favourite (maybe not so much in these g/f times) so presumably they're vegan-friendly. :-)

Kate said...

Mmmm, I remember being quite underwhelmed last time we ate there, used to eat there more often a while ago but I think it's changed hands. Glad you enjoyed it. :)


steph said...

@Cindy I am definitely going to give Nasi Lemak House a go! and thanks for the info on Wabi Sabi Salon!

@Kate mmm I didn't think the meal was that great, and now that I've had a second meal there I've definitely decided it's a write off - nowhere near Malaysian enough for me. :o(