Wednesday, 23 June 2010

roast pumpkin soup and some stuffed vegetables

Sometimes, people other than Danni and I cook in our kitchen! Or cook for us! This is always pretty exciting, because my joy in cooking stems from my joy in EATING, and having someone else cook for me combines two of my favourite things, eating + sitting around, with the added advantage of when people cook in my house, it becomes eating + lounging around in my beanbag.

About two weeks ago (it has been too cold to upload photos, okay?!) Jo decided to cook us a two course dinner. It would have been three courses but by the time we got to the end of savouries we were too full for sweets, but that is okay!

roast pumpkin soup

We started with some roasted pumpkin soup. This was super delicious, and looked pretty easy, from my position on the couch.

This was followed up with some garlic bread (using up some leftover sour dough we had), and made using roasted garlic and olive oil. The garlic was roasted with the pumpkin, and then squirted out onto the bread. It made the house (and the bread) super garlicky!

Jo cooked for us

We ate the garlic bread with stuffed capsicums and stuffed field mushrooms. The stuffing was a brown rice mixture, and I love stuffed vegies and never have them, so this was exciting! And delicious! The roasting pan was lined with a layer of a tomato mixture, kind of like a pasta sauce, with squished tomatoes and some herbs in it. This layer of tomato deliciousness was mixed in with the risotto later, for nomming.

roasted capsicums and field mushrooms

roasted pumpkin soup
This is really easy and really delicious! Recipe by Jo, vaguely remembered by Danni, artistic license by me.

butternut pumpkin
1 tablespoon of cumin
half a tablespoon of nutmeg
a little bit of water
some salt

Cut the pumpkin in half (or in pieces), and roast it until it's very soft. I like to go for about 200C for about 45minutes. Remove the skin, and allow to cool. In a blender, blend together the pumpkin, cumin, nutmeg and the salt, with a little bit of water to help in blend.

Reheat (on the stove or in the microwave, whatever is your preference), and serve. OH YEAH.


lisa said...

Eating + sitting around are two of my favourite things as well. Happy sigh.

Toby said...

Stuffed capsicums and mushrooms look better than the ones we bought at what's the name. :-)