Sunday, 20 June 2010

smoked tofu pizza revelation

Danni and I have become quite blase about our home made pizzas. As spectacular as some shop pizzas are, we think we've got our technique, style and flavours down pretty well; we know what we like and how to make it, and we've been pretty happy with that.

Recently, due to a dearth of ingredients, we made a couple of new combinations, and one, in particular, was so tasty we were sad they weren't all that pizza.

smoked tofu pizza


smoked tofu + cheezely pizza (fore) and tomato and lettuce pizza (back)

We didn't even have pizza bases for this - our pizza dough failed to proof, confirming some suspicions we've had for a while now, that our yeast has gone bad (it says best before August 09). Fortunately, we had some pita bread floating around from Danni's lunch, so we decided, reluctantly, to utilise those instead.

This meant that we reduced the baking time and temperature (down to 150C for 15 minutes), and the bread was still crisp where it had no toppings. BUT OH THE TOPPINGS.

On the pizza base, we added tomato paste, crushed garlic, and dried oregano and basil. On top of this we placed thinly sliced roma tomato and button mushrooms, and then some chunks of smoked tofu. On the top we grated some Cheezly Mozzarella, thinly layered.

IT WAS AMAZING. A smoked tofu pizza revelation, if I may.


Hannah said...

I am wholeheartedly behind you (theoretically, having not tasted it) on thsi pizza. I adore smoked tofu, and only wish my new annoying-student-budget could encompass the delightful stuff more often. Next time I do get to splurge, though, I think I'll recreate this. Pita and all :)

Johanna GGG said...

sounds great - am always amazed at how strong smoked tofu tastes but would love to try it on pizza - and love a pizza on pita bread every now and again!

steph said...

@Hannah yeah it is a bit expensive, but it's so tasty!

@Johanna I am new to the world of smoked tofu - I only use it on sandwiches and pizza, and I love the flavour it adds!

Fiona said...

I made a surprisingly excellent and supremely fake pizza the other day, and then made it the day after as well because it was so excellent (and because I didn't want the last three centimetres of my Cheezly to go off like it usually does.) It was pizza base, tomato paste with assorted herbs, then sliced tomato, then Redwood Pepperoni, then Cheezly. It was utterly wonderful. And now I'm hungry and there's only peanut butter in the house. :(