Friday, 25 June 2010

nacho style baked potato

A few weeks ago we made baked potatoes for the first time in a while, and it was pretty exciting! We flustered around the kitchen, and made some mistakes, and ended up with some delicious potatoes for dinner!

Recently, I went to class and left Danni (and Jo) in charge of dinner, and a decision was made to do it again, but with a twist - nacho toppings! It was BRILLIANT.

nacho style baked potato

For inside the potatoes, Danni fried some cumin, paprika, and chili flakes (lots) with some tomato sauce, then added some refried beans and about a third of a can of diced tomato. This simmered on the stove for about fifteen minutes.

The potatoes were then topped with grated cheezley. This concoction was then wrapped in alfoil and baked for about fifteen minutes at 180C.

In the meantime, Danni made our usual red bean and rice mix. This was served on the side of the potatoes, with a little guacamole.



Carissa said...

What a great idea! This potato has me wanting lunch already, and it's only 10:50 here in Hawaii. Thanks for the great idea!

K said...

Genius idea!

Rachel said...

Those look so good! My can of refried beans can finally get used.

Your bean+rice burrito's were lovely as well (finally made them!)

steph said...

@carissa - NO PROBLEMS. ;oP

@kristy - props to danni and jo! (and i think they were inspired by the ebc's nacho parma)

@rachel glad the burritos worked out for you! and yay refried beans!