Tuesday, 23 February 2010

tofu cashew ricotta triangles

I managed to make it along to the El Joyero Market a few weeks ago, where Pip had a stall. I bought a few things, including some of her delicious roast pumpkin, cashew ricotta, and silverbeet puff pastry triangles. Inspired by deliciousness, a few weeks later we decided to give these a go.

"ricotta" triangles

It was mostly guesswork, we found a few recipes for cashew ricotta (in the end, Danni used the recipe in Veganomicon, with varying proportions), then Danni spooned them into some puff pastry squares, folded and baked! So I came home from class, and there were some delicious puff triangles for consumption.

She reports that it was pretty easy, and I report that it was pretty delicious!


Theresa said...

Yum, when I was living on college we used to buy boxes of frozen spinach-ricotta triangles and cook them in the microwave for snacks. These look and sound sososo much better.

steph said...

these were delicious!