Saturday, 6 February 2010

tart n round ii, thornbury

Hanging with my peeps Amanda and Erin this evening, watching some very terrible television. Amanda is Free of Gluten, and yet has never been to Tart'n'Round. So we thought we should rectify this by making a visit for dinner.

I am so delightfully full, oh yeah. Vegan and gluten-free is the best.

(sorry for the slightly blurry photos, we were using toy camera, alas!)

a satay tofu burger

I ordered the satay tofu burger, with bread instead of a bun. The bread was amazing! Which was unexpected, as I only ever hear people complain about gluten free bread. But it was deliciousssssss.

delicious pumpkin risotto balls

However the highlight of the meal was, for me, these pumpkin risotto balls. The pumpkin was just a hint, and the risotto balls were crispy and had a lovely flavour. Om nom nom.


Danni ordered this baked potato. She declared it was very delicious, but she was unable to finish it, due to the portion size.


E had this moussaka - she said it was great, but she would have liked a little more moussaka, and a little less salad. (There was a lot of salad)


A loves fritters, so she was super excited to order these sweet potato and corn fritters, which she declared om nom nom.

We were super full, so we didn't eat dessert there, but we picked up two lemon meringue pies, two caramel slices, and some cookies and a cherry and chocolate bar thing, to take home to eat whilst we kept watching. E declared the caramel slice not caramel-y enough, but Danni and A loved the tarts.


839 High st

ETA Tart'n'Round is sadly closed! As of March 1st 2010.


Penny said...

Oh it looks so goooooood! I wish wish wish I lived on your side of town. Or they opened up a 2nd store down South-side. Yumyum!

Johanna GGG said...

yum, I love all the salads at tart n round - and I must taste the bread - it is the same one my mum buys in northcote - she comes from geelong to buy it for my gf sister who will only eat that bread and for my gf niece who loves it. It goes in the freezer and comes out when needed because it is a bit pricey

Vicki said...

I have had that baked potato & it is delicious! I also managed to finish it & a soy shake - go me!

Eater said...

That's a massive meal. Did you guys eat that all in one go? :P I am so hungry now. :)

Kristy said...

We went on friday, I had the satay burger too but with a bun, great minds think a like.

steph said...

Penny, it is so good! I really enjoy their food.

Johanna, the bread was great! Really soaked up the sauce well, and was quite tasty.

Vicki I love the soy shakes! I always have a chocolate one.

Thanks Eater - we did! It was a massive effort, but we made it.

Kristy what did you think of the satay burger? I really liked it. I would have loved to try the bun but they were all out! The bread was pretty good though.