Saturday, 27 February 2010

orange and chocolate cupcakes

My parents and my sister came across from Perth for Chinese New Year (it's like Christmas, but longer, you know). I took the day off from FoE in order to go to pick them up from the airport, so with my morning free Danni and I first went to Ceres for brunch with Jo and Em, where we all had the vegan big breakfast (oh yeah). Following this, Danni and Jo decided to bake some cupcakes.

lemon and chocolate cupcakes

Upon collecting them from the airport, we returned to find these delicious cupcakes waiting! They were chocolate and orange, and were very delicious! Tangy and chocolatey, and the icing was perfect! With thanks to Em for her assistance in grating the chocolate.


Joanne said...

Title says "lemon"!

I'm glad you liked them. I guess they repay 0.05% of the times you've fed me :D

steph said...

the WORST thing about getting the title wrong, is how blogger will still forever say that the url for this post is 'lemon'


Joanne said...

WELL, we did actually put some of that bottled lemon juice into the icing (because the oranges didn't have enough acidity), so technically they were both orange and lemon, so perhaps it is appropriate!