Wednesday, 10 February 2010

plush pizza ii, hawthorn

We only went to Plush Pizza two weeks ago, and it's on the other side of the city, but last night we were in the mood for pizza and didn't want Mr Natural, we didn't want to drive to Eat Pizza, so we rang Jo to see if she was doing anything and trekked right on back to Hawthorn.

Jo, having tried all but three of the pizzas on the menu, insisted that Danni and I pick different pizzas from our previous visit.

Tom Yum by Plush

I didn't hesitate before ordering the Tom Yum Pizza. It was totally worth it! From the menu: Mozzarella, button mushrooms, red onion, capsicum, sliced roma tomato, fried tofu and Thai tom-yum sauce. Garnished with fresh coriander. It wasn't quite like eating tom yum on a pizza but it was very delicious! A++ will order again. And I really enjoyed the fresh coriander on top, which is a big thing for me!

Verdi by Plush

Next up, the Verdi, one of the three that Jo had not previously tried. This was okay. Jo and I liked it well enough, but wouldn't be clamouring to order it again. Danni on the other hand, loved it. From the menu: Mozzarella, pesto, semi-sundried tomato, roasted capsicum, rocket leaves, olives and fried tofu. The pesto was tasty, but the rocket was shriveled and dried from its time in the oven, and I didn't enjoy its crispiness.

Garlic by Plush

Both times we've been now, I've ordered a small garlic pizza, in lieu of actual garlic bread. It's pretty good! Dry and crisp and garlicy, it's delicious!

Plush Pizza
85 Burwood Road

GF options (including bases) available


Toby said...

Verdi should be renamed as Le Meh. I loooooooooove the tom yum pizza!

I guess you would love Chunky too.

Hannah said...

Everytime someone writes about this place I start salivating over the Tom Yum option... and now you've gone and ordered it and it looks just as delicious as it sounds! I want to begrudge you, but I can't :P

steph said...

Actually Toby I think my next choices might be the chunky (sans pineapple) and the aztec.

Hannah it was VERY TASTY.

Theresa said...

Vegan pizza!! The tom yum sounds great, especially with fresh coriander on top!