Thursday, 25 February 2010

cny noms at white lotus

One of the critical elements of Chinese New Year is sharing food with friends, so we wandered over to White Lotus last week to try and share some food. Some of the things we shared:

(noodles not pictured, the photo was really bad and also the noodles were not that tasty, wth)

Claypot curry - claypot can be easy to mess up, and I've never had a claypot curry before, but this was delicious.


tamarind fishie (鱼) - at J's insistence, and it was really good, just tamarind-y enough.


roast duckie (鸭) - very important!

vegan roast duckie

There were other things, too. The lemon chicken was pretty good.

Danni and I only shared the below with each other, and it was totally delicious:

drum stick

oh yeah beancurd skin drumsticks, you're the best.

Overall: it was okay. Would probably go back again.

White Lotus
185 Victoria St
West Melbourne

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