Monday, 27 July 2009

the moon, northbridge

I have been suffering some serious moon-burger longing this last week, so we went to Moon for lunch yesterday. It's been ages since I was at the Moon during the day, it's a lot easier to see and to get a seat, and it's certainly a lot less loud...

vegie moon burger

I went for the moon veggie burger (with no pesto). It was deliciousness, and the chips were great. The mushroom inside was especially tasty.

grilled eggplant veggie wrap

D ordered a weekend special, a grilled eggplant wrap (without the feta and pesto). D declared it delicious, though without the pesto it was a tiny bit dry.

We both ordered a mango fruit smoothie with soy milk and (sadly) ice instead of sorbet, and it was pretty good!

Oh the Moon, I love you and your late night pretension.

The Moon Cafe
2/323 William St
cnr Newcastle St


Angie said...

Ahh.. The Moon. One of Perth's great night haunts. Brings back a lot of memories... including my last visit there where I saw a huge freaking rat running around there. Seriously, it was enormous. :|

Matt said...

i love the moon... my lacto-ovo girlfriend tries her hardest to finish a bowl of nachos and i demolish a vegie moon burger in about 3 minutes. last time i asked (admittedly a while ago) the pesto was vegan?

steph said...

angie: a rat, yuck!

matt, when I asked yesterday the guy told me the pesto contained cream. :o(