Sunday, 26 July 2009

brunch at the witch's cauldron

Went out for brunch this morning with Sheebaface and Dr A, and because I have never been there and has long been considered quite fancy and expensive, I wanted to try out The Witch's Cauldron in Subiaco.

There was a table available, and we started with complimentary mint lemonade, which was interesting (S loved it, she stole D's).

Both D and I ordered the veggie big breakfast. Non-vegans ordered amazing pieces of art, french toast that was five centimetres thick and pancakes that looked like scones, so I was looking forward to what we'd ordered. The veggie big breakfast was good, I quite liked the asparagus (and I don't usually like asparagus), and the potato cake was really tasty. However, when I ordered the veggie breakfast with no eggs and dairy, I expected to be losing the eggs, I didn't expect to lose the mushrooms with no warning. Being told the mushrooms are soaked in butter seems like usual service (though being offered something else - like at Blue Waters Cafe is super awesome), but not being told at all is not cool.

So in conclusion, the food was delicious, but the experience was nothing awesome.

Hanging out with Sheeba + Dr A was pretty awesome though!

veggie big breakfast at the witch's cauldron

The Witch's Cauldron
89 Rokeby Rd,

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