Wednesday, 27 May 2009

lemon and poppyseed cupcakes

Having taken quite a few lemons, I did not only bake the delicious lemon and passionfruit curd cake, I also baked some super delicious lemon and poppyseed cupcakes.

finished lemon and poppyseed cupcakes

I used the same recipe I always use, because it has long stood me in good steed. And is delicious. D iced them, adding some lemon rind to it for a very delicious and beautiful icing job.


Theresa said...

Yum, I love the combination of lemon and poppy seeds. Your cuppers look so pretty!

steph said...

Thanks! They were pretty tasty, too! :o)

Vegetation said...

Mmmm they look wonderful! Lemon Poppyseed is delicious.

steph said...

lemon and poppyseed is definitely one of my favourites!