Saturday, 30 May 2009

cream of mushroom soup from soup for all seasons

We're definitely giving soups a lot of consideration this winter, which is lots of fun. It involves lots of making toast soldiers, and carefully balancing my bag with my lunch leftovers on the bus in to work.

cream of mushroom soup

D gave the cream of mushroom soup from Soup for All Seasons a go this week, it involves a whole bag of mushrooms and a lot of stirring. The end result was not quite as creamy as we might have hoped, you'd do better to add a little less stock (certainly not the full six to eight as suggested in the recipe). Also the giant pieces of mushroom were not quite my thing, though the flavour of the soup was quite nice.

Will give this one another go sometime, perhaps with some slight modifications. I would want to cut the mushrooms a little smaller, perhaps pulse it a little just to mush it the tiniest bit. D rates this soup delicious.

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