Sunday, 31 May 2009

out and about with gilli and dr g

One of the things that D and I lament is that now that we have such specific food requirements, our invitations to people's houses seems to have dropped a little. So it is always with much joyful anticipation that we accept offers to hang out with people, especially people we like as much as we like Gilli and Dr Greg!

We were treated to a wonderful three courses of mostly home-made delights. We commenced with spring rolls (not homemade) as we sat around and chatted.

spring rolls

We migrated towards the table and continued on with baked polenta and a mushroom ragout. The polenta was very interesting, I've not had baked polenta before and I was intrigued by its sort-of solid consistency. It seems like the sort of thing that likes to soak up liquid. The mushroom ragout was awesome. This was served with a side of their amazing roasted salad, featuring roasted pumpkin and fried pinenuts (which were so good).

baked polenta and a mushroom ragout

We rounded the meal out with berry agar-agar jelly hearts, two-fruits, and a delicious banana and passionfruit sorbet made by Gilli. I love homemade sorbet, it is awesome. I particularly liked the hearts - more foods should be great shapes!

dessert of your heart

It was a great night out, I love visiting friends! In between courses we paused for chats, tea, and board games. We played a game of Blokus (which I won) and a game of MOUSETRAP. It has been years since I've played Mousetrap, so that was a bit interesting. The game itself is sadly not as engaging as I remembered, perhaps because I am now much older than I was when I coveted it.


Anonymous said...

Your dinner looks fairly awesome. Although I have difficulties with the idea of store bought spring rolls. They're so easy to make, I don't understand why people buy premade packs.

steph said...

Dinner was awesome!

Not everyone has been making spring rolls since they were little, you know! That final tuck needs practice! :o)

Ricki said...

Such great friends to provide a delicious dinner that you could eat! I think anyone would enjoy those dishes, specific food requirements or not. :)