Monday, 23 March 2009

sugardough, brunswick east (victoria)

cakes from sugardough

Met up with the delightful J at Sugardough for a chat and a bite to eat before tackling the op shops on Sydney Road. There was a small but excellent array of vegan baked treats on the counter. D left the decision up to me, and I selected the raspberry apple tea cake and the apple cinnamon cake. These were both soft and moist, and though the raspberry cake was a little sweet, it was not uncomfortably so, and I we enjoyed both immensely.

The drinks board touts a milkshake with soymilk, and I was excited at the idea: I was therefore incredibly disappointed when the counterhand paused, "dairy icecream is okay, yes?" No, dairy icecream is not okay, what is the point in offering soy milk with dairy icecream? Such a ridiculous concept is not just a problem for vegans: those who are lactose intolerant (as, incidentally, I am) are still going to be so disappointed, as I was. I long for an excellent soy milkshake, I have yet to partake of one.

I like the ambiance of Sugardough, it is tiny and adorable and their saucers and cups are great. And they sell Tea Party tea! The juice at least was delicious, and the cakes were fabulous, so I suppose I can forgive them for their milkshake travesty.

163 Lygon St
Brunswick East


kristy said...

are you still in melb?

IF you want me to arrange a veg blogger meet up let me know :-)

Miss T said...

You're kidding! Dairy ice-cream?? At least she thought to mention it I guess... At the Chocolate Mill yesterday their soyshake was flavoured soy milk really.

But yes, if you have time in Melbourne we shaould def have a potluck. It was lovely meeting Teresa of Tropical Vegan when she was here too.

I'm Philippa O said...

oh i wish i had known you were coming! i've had so many "... and NO icecream!!" moments when ordering soy milkshakes. it's a common oversight for idiot cafe staffers. though i do know people who have soy because the taste of milk is gross, but to them dairy ice cream tastes fine

s-j said...


I agree that it is small but it is HUGE compared to what it used to be like. So very very small.

And now I want teacake. Great.


steph said...

Kristy, Miss T, I would love a veg blogger potluck! I am back in Perth already BUT excitingly I will be back in Melbourne in three weeks (from the 12th of April) for a week. Perhaps we could arrange one for about the 15th or 16th?

The dairy icecream was pretty disappointing, but one day I will have a soy milkshake!

steph said...

Hi Philippa! I so rarely order milkshakes, so I'd had NO IDEA it was something for which I needed to watch out! But I know now!

(dairy milk totally is gross)

steph said...



Ricki said...

Those cakes do look fabulous! And I love the antique-y saucers. :)

The dairy in the soymilk shake is too much! What a riot. But I'm always amazed at how many people don't understand "no animal products." !!

Vegetation said...

Mmmmm cake. They look amazing!

s-j said...



eloise said...

go to Dome and order a soy iced coffee with no ice cream

they'll still put whipped cream on it, without even checking first :P

Dannielle said...

@eloise: that happened to me too!

Ariana said...

I'm new (again) to melbourne after many years away and looking forward to exploring veggie and vegan places... glad to stumble on your blog.

steph said...

Hi Ariana! I'm not currently living in Melbourne but I'm glad I can help you out! (I'll be back again in two weeks wooo). There are heaps of blogs to check out, though, try kristy, Miss T and Philippa from the comments in this post, they're all three of them great!

Kate said...

Ooooh, I wanna try their cakes.

Yeah such ridiculous lack of common sense annoys me too. Like when I politely ask a restaurant which of their dishes can be made vegan (and explain no dairy), and the guy says something about using butter in the risotto instead of cream. Ummm....

Oh and have you tried Shakeaway soy milkshakes? They are fab and use soy ice cream. Only store I know is Highpoint though there may be more.