Wednesday, 25 March 2009

lord of the fries, melbourne (victoria)

fries with thai sauce from lord of the fries

We knew, regardless of other restaurants, that we had to get to Lord of the Fries at some point this weekend. We managed to wander in there finally on Saturday morning, after a quick visit to J at Tea Party at the QVM, where we picked up some delicious smelling teas (if you are traveling to WA, don't pick a tea with orange rind in it, quarantine frowns at that).

chicken nuggets from lord of the fries

The burger was as always delicious. We had the Thai sauce with both the fries and the nuggets, and I laughed as we bit into the nuggets: they are exactly the same as the fake chicken that my mum and I buy from Lotus, and which I currently have in my freezer, so I will definitely be recreating the nugget and thai sauce experience quite shortly.

Lord of the Fries
Corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Street
Flinders Street Station


Angie said...

haha that's kinda funny that the lotus fake chicken is the same that they at this outlet. how do you know how it's the same chicken nugget brand?

steph said...

Angie, I can't be positive, but they look the same and they feel the same and they taste the same, and checking the ingredients I think they're GF, so I'm confident that they're the same brand. And if they're not, they're close enough for me to replicate it at home anyway!

Theresa said...

Yum, I loved LOTF when I went there, and I wish I had gone lots more times!

eloise said...

i was SO disappointed when we got the nuggets. i was picturing something more akin to a regular fast food nugget, ala Hungry Jack's or KFC. i didn't realise it would be just like little bits of mock fried chicken =(

we didn't enjoy them at all!

Léna, said...

i had the most amazing conversation last night when our friend shannon (from the US) came back to stay in sydney after a short stint in melbourne, talking about the MOST AWESOME POWER of LOTF and the BIG MARK burger. We decided that whoever is next to eat at LOTF should get nuggets as well as the BIG MARK and put the nuggest inside it.

Also we are disgusting people. :D

Mandee said...

I want to go to there! Like now :)

James said...

What brand did you think they were? I had some today and they were so good. :D I actually went to LOTF as a new vegan because I saw it on your blog.

- Thank you!

Anonymous said...

they tasted like fried fish!

GT said...

Hi, OP...

Could you please tell me where 'Lotus' is - the place from which you buy your fake chicken nuggets?

The nuggets we buy (from a Chinese shop near Prahran market) are the size of small biscuits, and aren't as nice as LotF nuggets... but I coat the ones we got with Seah's Spicy Fried Chicken Spices (from Minh Phat) and they turn out AWESOME.

If I can get nuggets that are the same size and texture as LotF's, coat them with Seah's spices... om-nom-nom-nom.

We also bought some fake beef chunks from the place in Prahran, and made up fake beef Rendang... it was bliss.

Again, please let me know where 'Lotus' is - I have Googled it (I googled 'Lotus vegetarian chicken melbourne' but only got a load of links for White Lotus Restaurant - which also looks interesting)



steph said...

GT, Lotus is actually in Perth. :o)