Tuesday, 3 March 2009

delicious breakfasts at home

Yesterday (Monday) was a public holiday, so after a bit of a sleep-in I rolled out of bed and sleepily started dicing onions in an attempt to make the cheater baked beans from Veganomicon.

baked beans

Following a conversation with Christine, who the previous morning had advised not baking the beans for the full hour, I cut the baking time down to 35 minutes. I think they probably could have done with a little longer. I halved the recipe, and skipped the mustard, and found that the amount of beans was just perfect, and the taste, as advised, was super delicious.

fronch toast

The aforementioned Christine had (delightfully!) turned up at breakfast the previous morning with a spare bag of nutritional yeast flakes, so I took this opportunity to make french toast. The resulting soggy mixture was awesome, with an eggy consistency, sugary bread, deliciously gorengan, and it was just great.

I will definitely be making both of these things again.

french toast

1 cup soy milk
1 tbl nutritional yeast
2 tbl plain flour
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbl sugar

4 slices of bread

Whisk together the soy milk, nutritional yeast, flour, cinnamon and sugar. Dip the bread in the mixture, soaking both sides. Oil a fry pan with margarine or oil (I used olive oil), and have the heat up high ish but not too high. Cook each side for about a minute and a half, until the edges have crisped up but the insides are still soggy - this is just my personal preference, you might want the centre to also be crisp. Serve hot.



Vegetation said...

Mmmm. I have yet to make those beans, but they look amazing! And I haven't made french toast in AGES! It looks wonderful! I need to make that too!!


You should try the "FRONCH TOAST" recipe from VEGAN WITH A VENGEANCE". Super delicious and so easy to make. All you need is chickpea flour, soymilk, and cornstarch.

steph said...

Vegetation, definitely make both! Pretty tasty!

Hey Vegan Tickles! I keep meaning to try the fronch toast recipe, I'm super intrigued! Perhaps this weekend. :o)

Hippolyra said...

I MUST make vegan French toast. The question is which recipe do I make first?

I guess that is tomorrow's breakfast sorted now!

steph said...

There are so many different recipes! I'm going to give the VWAV recipe a go this weekend, I think.