Friday, 6 March 2009

hot cross buns

one a-penny, two a-penny

Hot cross buns are delicious religious iconography, a sweet spiced bun with fruit inside and a cross on top of sugar; or scandalously with no fruit or even with chocolate (SCANDAL) (delicious, delicious scandal).

Hot cross buns are an Easter thing, but I don't think they have a specific symbolism. Certainly I can't remember any details from my seven years of Catholic primary school, and wikipedia doesn't have anything constructive to add. Whatever the reason, they are super delicious, and it is a shame they are only available in the lead up to Good Friday. These are storebought, standard from Coles. IGA also does a vegan bun. Please note that many other hot cross buns are not vegan (Woolies and tiptop, for example).


Anonymous said...

I wish I could buy them here! Your bun looks fantastic.

Ricki said...

These are one of my honey's all-time favorite foods. . . thanks for the reminder!

Carla said...

I love them too. I usually make them every year, and I think I've even made a muffin version too! (non yeasted that it) What to do this year??

Vegetation said...

Mmmm hot cross buns. My other half cheers the minute he sees them in the shops and we buy them and buy them and buy them.

steph said...

Thanks seitanismymotor! They are pretty tasty (and we just bought another packet this evening...).

Ricki, definitely buy some - they're super great!

Carla, share your recipe for the buns! I would love to make them (so D could stop sulking about how they're not available the rest of the year).

Vegetation, your situation is sounding eerily familiar... (we have two packs in the fridge)

Theresa said...

My local cole's is on the top of my shit list, for adding milk to their glaze. I have not had a hot x bun this season! I just need to go to the next suburb, but I haven't gotten the energy yet (also, the Woolie's in Townsville have vegan buns, i think it just depends).

bunchesmcginty said...

Oh, I usually make my own as well. Also, if you go to bakeries and ask, they will usually let you know if it is vegan or not.

Love it.

Mandee said...

Here's a vegan recipe that makes awesome looking hcbuns!

I wish I could make 'em gluten free, I used to love love love them.

I'm Philippa O said...

i was so desperate for hot cross buns last year i ended up making my own!

steph said...

Theresa, thanks for the tip! I'll have to be careful if I go to different Coles (or Woolies).

bunches (can I call you bunches?!), I love hot cross buns so much. I really want to give making them a go.

Thanks for the recipe, Mandee! I'm going to try it out.

Philippa, did they turn out?

Angie said...

Ooh, hot cross buns :D

There seem to be a lot of different stories about hot cross bun origins, but apparently the most popular story is that they date back to the 12th century when an Anglican monk placed the sign of the cross on the buns to honour Good Friday. Good on him. We have a lot to thank for monks around the world for their inventions or food production excellence, like pretzels, beer (best belgian beer in the world is made by belgian monks), and New Norcia's delicious breads :D