Sunday, 22 March 2009

las vegan nirvana bakery (collingwood, victoria)

We wandered in to Collingwood to check out a photography showing in which I was particularly interested, then out again and in to the Crumpler store on Smith Street. Resisting temptation, we stumbled out again and popped in to Las Vegan Nirvana Bakery, just down the road and fetchingly kitted out with stars and toys and a picket fence.

las vegan!

We had been alerted in advance in regards to Las Vegan's erratic opening hours, so we made sure we knew where Trippy Taco was located before seeking Las Vegan out. However to our delight it was open, and we found ourselves positively spoilt for choice, an entire menu completely vegan! The novelty is fabulous, an entire menu where we can eat everything.

We sat outside on the footpath, and drank chai and fresh orange juice. I tried the kidney bean calzone, which had a slight bite to it, but just enough to delight. I would definitely eat it again. D's tofu and tempeh wrap was kind of like a gado gado attempting to escape a thin layer of lavash bread, the tempeh was a bit of whatever but the tofu was quite delicious.

kidney bean calzone from las vegan

We ended up quite full, so we picked up a piece of citrus coconut cake for later consumption (breakfast the next day, as it turned out), and were super excited to find the total incredibly awesomely cheap (at least by our standards; we're from Perth, where food is expensive).

las vegan nirvana bakery
22 Smith St


Anonymous said...

This is awesome - I'm going to Melbourne over Easter, so I will be able to follow in your footsteps!

Miss T said...

Embarassingly, I've never been there! It's always shut when I go (cos I, like, you know, work 9-5 M-F and have weekends off....) but it's cool you are you scoping out Melb's vegan offerings!

Anonymous said...

lol at first i thought you were blogging from las vegas. i love the 'las vegan' name though, it's very creative.

in regards to the erratic hours, is it because things get sold out quickly or they just randomly open and shut whenever they want?

Anonymous said...

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Eloise said...

their hours SUCK! we finally made it there once though, and bought some really great muffins.

i would have easily tried the calzones, but we'd already had lunch :'(

Unknown said...

i've only been once because it's NEVER open! and i had the satay tempeh tofu wrap. it was so good,,, i should really go bck there! the endless chais are amazing!

Sarah said...

I LOVE this place. Best muffins ever, and I usually don't like vegan muffins. And the satay tempeh wrap is certainly delicious. It was my favourite place in Melbourne because it was delicious and healthy...though I admit to being tempted to steal their recipes when you have to go through the kitchen to use the toilets! :-)

Jet said...

ok if i ever go to Australia I'm only going to places on your blog so i dont risk getting sick ever. ^_^ +1 to awesome.