Sunday, 1 February 2009

tak chee house, northbridge

Tak Chee House is all delicious Penang hawker style, from the plastic furniture to the muggy, tiny interior, and the menus using Hokkien and English. The menu is a mixture of hawker rice and noodles favourites; mee goreng, ha mee, kuay teow, rices, etc. My mum was so excited, the first thing she declared was that she'd be ordering ice kachang, and it was massive and allegedly delicious (and she would like to recommend it to all your non-vegan friends on these warm summer days). I would like to recommend the fresh lemon ice tea for these warm summer days, which is vegan and pretty cool (hah!).

char kuay teow from tak chee house

D and I decided to order and share a char kuay teow and mee goreng.

The char kuay teow was fantastic! The wok hei was so tasty, and there were lots of fresh vegetables, the noodles were freshly cooked and it was really tasty. Sometimes when you order 'noodle dish x, strict vegetarian' you can get some pretty boring noodles, but this one they replaced all the meat with a multitude of delicious vegetables, and it had a really great flavour. A++ will definitely order again (and my mum was coveting it).

mee goreng from tak chee house

The mee goreng had that classic tomato flavour, and I loved the addition of baby corn. I would probably order this again, it was pretty tasty.

Service was okay, our waitress was a bit bored disaffected youth, but that didn't stop the meals from coming out very quickly, piping hot and prompt. By the time we left there was a queue of people waiting for a free table. Dishes were about ten dollars. Not gluten-free friendly, but you can take your meat eating aunties and parents and whatever and they will love what they have but be jealous of what you have.

Tak Chee House
1364 William St

Closed on Mondays


Angie said...

I love Tak Chee! The only problem is that it depends who is cooking that day... otherwise you can get pretty bland food. :(

Like your mum, I love the ice kachang. You definitely get value for your money with this dessert.

I can't comment on the ice lemon tea, but I'm sure it's good too. :)

Theresa said...

Sounds great! It's good to have places where non-vegans and vegans can eat together with no worries and no bland meals!

a vegan about town said...

Angie, that's a shame so I'm glad I went there on a good day! The ice lemon tea was pretty good, and oh it was a great meal.

Theresa - yeah, this is a vegan blog and all but I do like letting people know where they can take people and they'll get great veg and not-veg meals. It's important, I think, to have a few of those sorts of places!

Spice Island Vegan said...


I found your blog (you left a comment on spiceislandvegan). Wow, I am on the other side of this world from you. I've been to Sydney and that's about it. I remember going to a chinese veg restaurant and had a delicious meal.

We have a Malaysian restaurant They have char kwee tiauw and mee goreng that I ordered, veganized. They have ice kachang too. They are just ok. They need an mmmphhh on their flavor to make their dishes more delicious.

Debbie (Chinese Indonesian Vegan)

steph said...

Hi Spice Island Vegan,

I am going to Sydney in a few hours, and I intend to have many delicious Chinese meals whilst I am there! :o)