Monday, 23 February 2009

blue waters cafe, cottesloe

Yesterday D and I met up with Amber at Cottesloe Beach. Sadly, after two days of stifling warm weather where I desperately wanted to head down to the beach, Sunday morning was clear and bright but at a mere 25ish C, nowhere near warm enough to jump into the water.

vegetarian breakfast at bluewater cafe

Instead, having not yet had breakfast, we wandered across the road to Blue Waters Cafe, where D and I both ordered the vegetarian big breakfast sans eggs and mushrooms. This usually comes with eggs, mushrooms, bread, baked beans, tomatoes and potato and spring onion rosti. Ordinarily D and I are all over the mushrooms, but our waitperson kindly let us know that the mushrooms were marinated in butter, and we swapped them out for some very delicious avocado.

D's coffee was fine, but slow to arrive – after our breakfasts. Amber ordered something very egg based, which she said was great. Highlights were probably the rostis, the avocado and the ciabatta bread, which was excellent.

Blue Waters Cafe
110 Marine Parade


Theresa said...

That avocado looks perfect. I need to make myself a good breakfast soon.

Mandee said...

I agree, the avo looks perfect and I want to try the potato hash browns

steph said...

The hash browns were fantastic, I love a good, freshly made hashbrown.