Wednesday, 11 February 2009

green palace, newtown (sydney)

Late Friday night, after shenanigans with plumbers, we headed on out to Newtown (woo!) to Green Palace, which Alysia had found in the Good Eats Guide. We decided a Thai vegan restaurant was a possibility for a gluten-free meal, and I haven't heard from either B or Alysia that there was gluten-related illness afterwards, so yay! (Also the internet tells me explicitly that Green Palace does cater for gluten-free)

spring rolls at green palace

We were incredibly indecisive, unsure of what to order and uncharacteristically unable to come to a decision, so we started with the delightful and familiar, spring rolls, which were crispy and tasty, perfectly serviceable spring rolls.

panang curry at green palace

B, D and I shared a panang curry and a pad see eu. It was the best pad see eu I've ever had, for serious. It had just the right amount of sauce, and wide, thick noodles and perfectly cooked vegetables and I loved it. Alysia ordered another one of the curries, allegedly most of their curries are gluten free.

pad see eu at green palace

We rounded out the meal with a couple of serves of fried banana and icecream (with sprinkles!). The icecream was not great, with that watery aftertaste, but the fried banana was pretty tasty.

fried banana and icecream at green palace

Splitting the bill came to about $25 per person, which is not bad for a Friday night out.

Green Palace
182 King St


Spice Island Vegan said...

These are my favorite dishes! I love vegan Thai. I like Pad Kee Mow, too. Yum!

steph said...

I'm really enjoying Thai a lot lately - I had it for dinner again last night!

I'm Philippa O said...

i've never actually eaten off the menu at green palace, only had the buffet dishes out the front, but i always enjoy it! it was good to see what the menu offered though