Thursday, 12 February 2009

mother chu's vegetarian restaurant

This is the last of my Sydney reviews. Thank you so much to everyone who left suggestions for me, they were greatly appreciated!

We arrived in Sydney just after midday, and having deposited our luggage at the hotel (Medina Central, fantastic location, awesome rooms, don't accidentally steal from the mini bar like I did) we wandered down George St to sate my desire to throw myself into the loving book shelves of Kinokuniya. We weren't there long, however, before we started getting really, really hungry. C and N wandered off, claiming vego food would not sustain them,* whilst D, E and I went in search of Mother Chu's Vegetarian Restaurant.

Mother Chu's is a tiny restaurant on Pitt Street. The menu is filled with delights and their mock fish comes out in the shape of a fish. The items on the menu are reasonably priced, with each of our mains costing about $10.

D opted for the chili noodle claypot, which was spicy but delicious. E accidentally ordered too much food, ending up with the avocado and corn soup, which was odd but tasty, and a cashew rice made with brown rice, which was awesomely flavoursome.

I ordered the wonton noodle soup, which was just the right amount of noodle, vegetable and wonton and I ate the whole thing, and then proceeded to roll out of there, committing to a stately waddle back in to town, on our pilgrimage to the Apple store.


*they went to HJ's instead

Mother Chu's Vegetarian Restaurant
367 Pitt Street
Open 1200-1500 (mon-fri) and 1700-2200 (some other days...)


Theresa said...

I've heard about this place. Someone told me it's the best vegan restaurant in Sydney. I will also have to try this when I get to Sydney next (whenever that may be).

steph said...

I had not heard very much about it before I went, so it was just a great surprise to have such a great meal!

Spice Island Vegan said...

This is probably the veg restaurant I went to when I was in Sydney. That was long long time ago, 1998, I think. But the name of the restaurant sounds familiar. We've only been to Sydney once and want to come back again. Thanks!

steph said...

No worries! I hope you get a chance to go again soon. :o)

I'm Philippa O said...

aw, i miss mother chu's! i went there for my 21st birthday and everyone shared the banquet they provide. everything was delicious - i've never had a bad meal there