Saturday, 14 February 2009

scrambled tofu from vegan with a vengeance

I got home late on Thursday night, not finishing up at work until after 2100. The work was interesting, we're running a series of community education workshops, and it's great that we've got all these people interested in sustainable living and whatnot, but after a pretty busy week it was slightly vexing to be at work early and not on the train home until late. The train home was pretty exciting though, lots of people and interesting conversations to overhear and I was reading a really odd book (Londonstani by Gautam Malkani).

scrambled tofu from Vegan with a Vengeance

By the time I got home, though it wasn't that far on the train, I was tired and didn't feel like cooking, just eating. Fortunately, D was in the kitchen, poised to try cooking scrambled tofu, inspired by our awesome tofu experiences in Sydney last week.

D used the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance. We still haven't found any nutritional yeast, so we had to omit that from the recipe. I felt like the recipe could do with some more spicy, and also perhaps we should have added a little more water. Overall it was tasty, though, and I look forward to more experiments in scrambled tofu, now I've overcome my aversion.


CeciLiA said...

Oh no, you mean you can't find any nooch in perth?! Do you want me to send you some ... you can get them at a health food store in Westfield Carousel!

steph said...

Every health food store I have tried hasn't had it! Whereabouts in Carousel is this health food store?!

Hannah said...

I don't know if this will help, but in Australia it's called Savoury Yeast (mine is savoury yeast flakes) and, at least in Canberra, it's in health food stores.
Unfortunately my family is very non-vegan so I'm yet to get to actually cook a meal with it - so far I'm loving it in oatmeal (yes, a bit bizarre).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's generally 'savoury yeast flakes' in Aust. I get mine from the health food store on Hay Street across from Central Park. Sometimes they don't have any, but you can ask them to order them in. In fact, you can probably ask any health food store that stocks Lotus products (and most of them do - they're those bags with green labels and they generally have spelt flour or bran and such forth in them) to order it in for you. Don't get Healtheries - it tastes terrible.

Incidentally, I made baked beans from the Veganomicon cook book this weekend and they are SO yummy. I took a photo but my photos never look as appetising as yours. :(



Stewart Smith said...

I've mad the same recipe (from same book) before... and been too lazy to try and find the nutritional yeast. Trying to remember what i've substituted... my guess would either be some light soy sauce or vegemite... anyway - it was still yummy.

Sarah said...

The nutritional yeast doesn't taste the same here as it does in the US, but indeed, it is called savoury yeast flakes. You can get them at Manna Whole Foods in Freo, Organic on Charles in North Perth (sometimes, at least), Loose Produce in South Perth, Fresh Prov (though I avoid that overpriced store like the plague!). There are several other places as well, so I will ask my roommate. I usually just order mine online because I am a nutritional yeast snob and I only like the red star stuff ;-)

steph said...

Hannah, the idea of savoury yeast flakes in oatmeal sounds a bit odd.

Christine, I can never get to that health food store when it's open. If only I worked in the CBD!

I would love to try making the baked beans, I am totally on a baked beans kick right now.

Hey Stewart, I am definitely thinking the addition of vegemite would work. Unfortunately D is not a fan of the delicious vegemite, and would probably not approve.

Sarah, is the difference in the flavour of the nutritional yeast very different between brands? Thanks for the info on all the places to get it though (and yeah, fresh provs. Sometimes I get tofutti cream cheese from there because I can't find it anywhere else, and the expense is kind of crazy, especially since they're no longer 24 hour, which used to be the best thing about them!)

Sarah said...

I don't think the taste is THAT different between brands, but enough for me to notice. The best Australian one I have tried is Lotus.

You can get the tofutti cream cheese - all of the varieties - at the Kosher Mart in Menora too! Plus at kosher mart they have some insanely delicious soy ice cream. You wouldn't know it was soy at first because the label is all in Hebrew, but it is ;-)

Nicole ( said...

yum, i have been hardcore craving a tofu scramble!

steph said...

Sarah, I have heard so much about the koshermart, I definitely intend to drop by one day soon!

Hi Nicole, I only had tofu scramble for the first time recently but now I really love it!

Gaynor said...

hey there,

Im a vegan living in alice springs, whos coming to perth next week for work. Any great tips for eating out?

email me