Sunday, 2 October 2011

planet vegmel birthday potluck + blog event part ii


It was Planet VegMel's birthday! So there was a birthday picnic at Edinburgh Gardens, and the weather was beautiful. I took a whole bunch of photos at the picnic, if you'd like to see them you can check them out at my flickr. Cindy has also done a bit of a round up post!

There were zines (which you can download here)

a posse of zines

and badges

declare your VGML predilection

and there was lots of food!

a part of the spread potato bake

For drinks, we started with chamomile lemon iced tea, with maple ice cubes, made by K; and a mango lasso made by the Veganator.

Michael made potato chickpea enchiladas, originally seen on veganise this; Emilly made an eggplant salad; and I made the quinoa avocado salad that has been remixed by many VegMelers.

Toby experimented with tempeh bacon, remixed from Where's the Beef. This was probably my highlight of the picnic, I totally recommend it! Also involving tempeh was Em's gado gado.

In news of other remixes, Carla brought along mock crab cakes, remixed from Cindy and Michael; and Mel made tofu quiches, originally seen at Vicki Vegan and Green Gourmet Giraffe.

Danni made sundried tomato bread and pumpkin + miso muffins (remixes from non-VegMel blogs).

a cake pop kind of like kingstons

For sweets, Cindy and Michael made PB & choc sandwiches, based on peanut butter alligators and chocolate ganache from Sugarspoons.

K made ginger ripple cake, based on a recipe by the Veganator; Mel made apricot delight, remixed from Green Gourmet Giraffe; and Em made Turkish Truffles, a remix of Mel's rum balls. I remixed chocolate caramel slice, from Johanna's original recipe.

In original recipes, Vicki posted about her peanut butter balls; Johanna brought blueberry cake pops (and they were so amazing); and Carla delighted us with lamingtons.

And that was the potluck, but not the end of the birthday:

two more submissions for that recipe sounds very familiar… previous entries can be found here.

Cindy and Michael remixed a beetroot chocolate cake, originally from the Fairest Feed.

Like Cindy and Michael and myself, Mel remixed Toby's Singapore noodles, a delicious noodle treat.


Mel said...

Wow, what a massive round-up of fantastic food! The whole thing was a great way to celebrate the anniversary. :D said...

That's so awesome! I love that you guys made a zine & badges!

Johanna GGG said...

loved the pot luck even if I am so remiss about trying dishes - just get distracted - love your photo of the cake pops

loved your chocolate caramel slice so much I made it last weekend with soy milk - worked with a larger tin even though when I was making it I was sure it would be too thin - must make it again soon - and have also tried danni's pumpkin muffins recently.

K said...

Great round up! So much great food and so glad to see so many remixes. Sorry I was late with my potluck posts!