Monday, 20 December 2010

mr nice guy neopolitan cupcakes

One of the new Mr Nice Guy cupcake flavours is neopolitana, so of course I raced out to eat it, and then failed to blog about it.

Mr Nice Guy Neopolitana Cupcake

I really like this cupcake! The chocolate is good, and the strawberry icing is not too sweet or overwhelming, and the vanilla sets it all off nicely. I like it!

You can win a dozen Mr Nice Guy cupcakes via Beat magazine right now, and on the competition page you can also see my photo! The photo is fine, it is a shame the icing had gotten squished on the way home from Empire.

Previous Mr Nice Guy cupcakes in my mouth: jaffa + key west.

Other people eating the Neapolitan: Pip eating at New Day Rising.

Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes
Address: at a handy cafe (I go to Empire on Sydney Road)

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Oh, gosh, I love how the icing is just kinda plopped on top rather than spread out thickly. Something about it says "charming" to me!