Sunday, 26 December 2010

yong green food ii, fitzroy

When Yong Green Food opened just over a year ago, I raced out and dined there almost within that first week. Even though the menu was limited, everything was fantastic and I knew I wanted to go there again. Yet it has taken me a full year to return.

Last week I met up with some friends for dinner, and we were pleased to see so much choice. We each began with a cacao raw milkshake. Mine was quite banana-y, which I really enjoyed (J's, by comparison, was more cacao-y). We followed this with a shared portion of gyoza. These were okay, but nothing special, and needed a little more steaming to really soften the wrappers.

teriyaki chicken at yong's

Lisa's recent post of top eats of 2010 was at the forefront of my mind, with chicken teriyaki listed at the top of her post. So I decided to order it! This was delicious, it really reminded me of when I used to eat meat and would over indulge at Nagano Japanese, just down the road from my house in Crawley. I loved the teriyaki flavour.

My dining companions chose the rawsagna and the dragon bowl. I've heard good things about the dragon bowl, but my sampling of the dish didn't blow me away. J enjoyed the rawsagna, but commented that there could have been less cashew cream and more tomato flavour.

raw cheezecakes at yong's

We rounded out the meal with two cheezecakes between the three of us, and we went for the green tea and the blueberry. These were just as good as I remembered, with a wonderful nutty + dried fruit base, and delicious cake-y bits. So delicious, so worth it.

Definitely glad I made the effort to return to Yong. I hope that my next visit won't also take another twelve months!

There have been heaps of reviews of Yong Green Food, this is not even all of them: Wayfaring Chocolate (an out of town review!); The Big V; MEL: HOT OR NOT (it got a HOT); Where's the Beef?; In the Mood for Noodles; Aduki; Fitzroyalty.

Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick Street

Not open Mondays

GF options available


Hannah said...

Oh gosh, thank you for the shout-out! I get inordinately excited whenever I see a post about Yong Green Food show up in my reader - I can't wait to head back to Melbourne so I can eat here again! I wanted to order the green tea cheezecake when I was there, as I knew how pretty it was, but unfortunately my brother is anti-green tea desserts (despite having lived in Japan for three years).

I wonder if I'll ever be able to look past the novelty of the raw foods to try the teriyaki dish?

HayMarket8 said...

Those cheesecakes look great!

rohini said...

hey just wanted to ask where d you get applesauce from which you u use so frequently in your cakes. i m a vegetarian and trying out different cakes

Simon said...

Hey thanks for your reviews! Tried Yong Green Food last week after reading about it here and its now my fave restaurant.
I enjoyed the pho but the dragon bowl seemed the best. Of the entrees the raw vegan sushi rolls were fantastic.