Sunday, 7 March 2010

vegie bar ii

I've been to Vegie Bar three times in the last fortnight! This is more than I ever have previously!

The first visit was because I was working in the area, and feeling a little unwell I had their soup of the day. 12pm on a Wednesday afternoon, the service was good and it was kind of quiet, and the pumpkin soup was just what I needed to get through the day. No photos, but thanks for the soup.


The second visit was with T, who met me after my FOE shift last week to borrow a book and to hang. We wandered in to Vegie Bar because I knew there'd be desserts I could eat, and it was close by. This crumble was lovely! Not the greatest crumble ever, and a bit runnier than I like my crumbles, but the rhubarb was tart and it was quite nice.

The third visit was this morning with Danni's parents and one (1) sibling, who are here visiting. We've eaten other places whilst they've been here, which I will review in a bit (they're all the standards that we visit quite often), but I needed to mention what I had for lunch:

lasagna at vegie bar

Let me describe this piece of magnificence for you. This vegan lasagna (at only $12 from the specials board) featured seitan and smoked tofu bolognaise (OMG), with a bechamel sauce, and was covered in vegan cheese and more of the bolognaise. It was served with a light, crisp garlic bread, and a fairly average garden salad. But this lasagna was amazing. The best I've eaten in an absolute age. I would eat it again tomorrow, definitely.

tofu wrap at vegie bar

Danni ordered the tofu wrap, and she was totally jealous of my lunch, though she says hers was perfectly fine. Fine but not AMAZING WOW.

Don't fear! I'm not suddenly in love with the Vegie Bar. But it was good. Maybe I think more highly of it than I used to.

Previous visit to Vegie Bar here.

The Vegie Bar
378 Brunswick Street

4 comments: said...

Oh wow, that lasagne looks like the best thing ever!!

Hannah said...

Smoked tofu makes most things better, I find :D Looking forward to your other out-and-about reviews!

Johanna GGG said...

haven't been there for ages but I love the sound of that lasagna - and I always love the chocolate cake and smoothies

Eurasian Sensation said...

That crumble looks oddly reminiscent of asam laksa.