Tuesday, 9 March 2010

out and about over the long weekend

I've already blogged about the delicious lasagna at the vegie bar, but we ate at a few other places over the weekend!

After the storm on Saturday, we didn't want to venture too far from home so we popped on over to the EBC.

Trashy and familiar, I elected to eat the classic vegan parma at the EBC. Danni went for the shepherd's pie (TVP and potatoes and vegan cheese, I think) from the specials board. This was really tasty!

parma shepherd's pie

We shared a cherry ripe cheesecake. Who could go past such a delight?

cherry ripe cheesecake

I know several people have had some terrible service at the EBC lately, but Saturday night our service was prompt and friendly, some of the bar staff were even cheerful!

Maybe it was the weather?

delicious kali tunis at shakahari

Went to Shakahari, had the Kali Tunis, which was delicious (oh Malaysian curries, I love you), light but with a chilli bite that didn't hit until after. I know it's hard to see, but it's at the back of the photo! Oh, composition! My strawberry daiquiri was a bit light on with the alcohol, but my mango crumble was delicious, and Danni's highlight of the meal.

Also went to Lord of the Fries (Melbourne Central), I have got to stop ordering a burger and sharing a box of chips just with Danni, it is too much delicious trashy food, and I feel uncomfortable for ages.

Failed to get a seat at A Minor Place, this is what happens when you try to do brunch on a public holiday in Brunswick.

Meal lowlight of the weekend: going to Sugardough with J and dB just before Danni's family arrived, and the vegan cake sitting there on display, but not being allowed to eat it. Just cut the cake for me! LET ME EAT IT, SUGAR DOUGH.

We actually considered buying the whole cake, and in hindsight, probably should have. Because they're DELICIOUS.

East Brunswick Club
280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick

201-203 Faraday St

Lord of the Fries
Knox Lane
Melbourne Central

163 Lygon St
Brunswick East

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Johanna GGG said...

oh lots of good eating - and you obviously had to duck into lots of places to avoid the storm - lucky there was no potluck picnic in that weather!