Thursday, 18 March 2010

adventures in kaya

One of my favourite things to eat is kaya. It's a coconut jam that is super common in Malaysia and Singapore (and under different names in other parts of SEA). It's really great in breakfast bao, and spread on toast. It's really easy to find in shops, and it's cheap, which is good because it's time consuming to make.

It's also chock full of eggs!

So it has been my ambition for some time now to perfect a vegan kaya. And I will admit, I am not quite there! But I have been having some adventures along the way.

part 1: some pandan leaf

I finally defrosted my pandan leaf. Asula claims someone in Melbourne sells them fresh, but doesn't know who or where. Does anyone know of any fresh pandan leaf for sale in the Melbourne metro area?

I made some pandan juice, and was hit with the smell of freshly mown grass, which was a little off-putting!

part 3: simmering in the pot

I whisked together a sort of eggy concoction, which is my trial and error section. I think I've got everything else down pat, it's just the working out what is a good egg replacement that is a problem! Then into the pot, eggy concoction, sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves!

part 4: cooling

There was lots and lots of stirring, first over water and then, when I got bored, very carefully over direct heat. And then there was kaya!

part 5: the finished kaya

And then it SOLIDIFIED IN THE FRIDGE. Which, given it's a jam, means it didn't really work the way it should. Tasted good in the cupcakes I made later in the week, though! But not really spreadable.

Further kaya updates as they occur, so stay tuned!


Hannah said...

So I'm legitimately excited about the "to be continued" nature of this. I do so enjoy watching other people do the work and getting the answer at the end, so to speak :D

Theresa said...

When I was in PNG there was a similar-looking "Coconut Jam" which was literally sugar-syrup and coconut milk. It was quite thick, but spreadable. Kind of like a thick honey consistency, maybe. It was sweet, but so so good, and based on the ingredients from the jar we bought (just in the supermarket over there) it seems like it would be easy to make.