Wednesday, 30 March 2011

tibalicious (tiba's ii, brunswick)

So after some short drinks and aborted dinners, SJ and I finally met up for dinner. I suggested Tiba's, on the grounds that I was the only vegan in Brunswick who had never been there.


We both went the vegetarian set plate, but mine was strictly no dairy. I was surprised that this meant I didn't get any babaganoush - I have eaten their babaganoush recently, so I'm super disappointed to learn it's not actually vegan!

In terms of the plate I actually received, it was great. Way too much food for me, a bargain at $14! The hummous was super delicious, I loved the spinach pies (greasy as expected, but tiny so it was okay!), and the salads were great.

Tiba's meets expectations! Hooray!

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Tiba's Lebanese Restaurant
504 Sydney Road

You may not find a seat, it's pretty crowded

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Cindy said...

Their falafel could be my favourite in Melbourne.