Friday, 18 March 2011

brownie things

I don't know how universal an experience this is, but when I was a kid I used to love going to Pizza Hut where they had all you can eat, and when it came time for dessert I would always get a square of chocolate cake, and I'd cover it in soft serve ice cream and marshmallows.

This brownie tastes like that cake, and I'm okay with that.

brownies like at pizza hut

brownies like at pizza hut (australia, circa 1992)

two cups of plain flour
almost one cup of cocoa (I ran out)
one cup of castor sugar
shake of salt
one tablespoon baking powder
two or three tablespoons of canola oil
two and a bit cups of rice milk
one teaspoon lemon juice
quarter cup walnut pieces
quarter cup choc chips

some extra milk and choc chips to make the ganache/icing

Combine flour, cocoa, sugar, salt and baking powder. When it's all nicely mixed and the cocoa isn't clumping, gradually add in the milk, oil and lemon juice. Mix it all until it's smooth, then add in the walnuts and choc chips.

Pour in to a lined baking tin (I used 20cm x 20cm and it was perfect), and bake at 180C for about 25 or 30 minutes.

Let the brownies cool for a few minutes in the tray, then on a cooling rack. When it's getting pretty cool, heat a quarter cup of milk in the microwave in five or ten second bursts until it's warm, then pour in about a quarter cup of choc chips. If it's not chocolatey enough for you, add some more, and keep mixing until they're all melted. Set aside to cool for ten minutes, then pour/spread over brownie slab. Cut and eat.


Eloise said...

Ooh, I think their cake was the Sara Lee frozen chocolate cake! I used to buy it and microwave it a little amd eat like a whole cake in a sitting. I was a fat kid :D

vegiebug said...

YUM! your search for the perfect brownie paid off i see! said...

now that looks like my kind of brownie.

Susan said...

I think I only ever went to a Pizza Hut all you can eat once, and it was when I was at uni (pregan). I remember they had an apple crumble dessert pizza, but I don't recall a chocolate cate.

I was taken to Sizzler a lot as a kid. I have very fond memories of their dessert bar. And the mammoth amounts one would consume from it. ;)

steph said...

Eloise, way to spoil the nostalgia! :oP I thought they made it themselves with the pizzas.

@vegiebug indeed it did! I'm really happy with recent results deliciously chocolatey? :o)

@Susan I went so often when I was younger, I remember getting to break my fast for the 40 hour famine there! Oh those were the days.

Betty said...

I REMEMBER THESE! so so good- are there even any more pizza hut all you can eat places :s