Friday, 28 January 2011

japan vii: Otis!, Hiroshima

Go to Japan, eat Mexican food?

Otis is this adorable live music venue just south of Peace Park in Hiroshima. It's been open for 23 years, and for the first few years people used to draw on the walls, including this giant piece by some guy from Pixar (whose name escapes me now). It's a really fun place, and they serve vegan cake!

It was a cold day, as were all the days in Japan, so I went for a delicious spicy soup, served with salad and bread. They all knew what vegan meant, and I wish the photo of my cake had turned out so you could see that instead of being served with ice cream, it was served with cubes of frozen mango. Brilliant!

1-20 Kako-machi, Naka-ku


Five minutes walk south of Peace Park on the main road

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