Tuesday, 18 January 2011

japan i: mos burger

One of the things I had in the back of my mind going to Japan was how difficult finding food was going to be, so I had a few back up options to hand. Thanks to just about everyone, I was aware of the food opportunity that Mos Burger was going to be offering me, so it was with great excitement that I viewed the giant M out the window of my bus on the way to the snow. Unfortunately, it was some distance from my snow town, and so it was not until some time later that I managed to find my way to a Mos Burger (coincidentally, the same Mos Burger that Cindy and Michael visited in Roppongi).

vegan burger at mos burger

The kinpira rice burger is tiny, but sufficiently filling (particularly when paired with a little bag of chips). Less of a burger, and more of a large dollop of fried noodles, carrots and nori pressed between two rice patties, this burger is unexpected but delicious. It reheats well, which is unsurprising, given its composition, and is not too expensive.

Mos Burger was good for a quick meal, especially for the unsure vegan, and is easy to spot with its distinctive M featured on google maps, if you zoom in close enough. Also travelling companion Amanda picked up a blanket with a hamburger on it for her housemate, which was exciting.


Vanessa said...

Am loving your Japan posts, Steph! Keep 'em coming! I have to travel to Japan soon for work (I'm also a vegan) and so your experiences are particularly relevant. Have you had much trouble with language barriers?

HayMarket8 said...

Very cool!

Cindy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this! Going back to our post, I remember being annoyed and hungry after spending quite some time wandering around, lost, when we tried Mos. Not the best time to properly appreciate new food.

steph said...

Thanks Vanessa! I'm actually going to talk about the language thing in a wrap up post when I get to the end of my Japan posts.

@Cindy, I actually started making sure I knew where the nearest Mos Burger was for every destination, for exactly that reason. When I went to Roppongi, Mos Burger was actually the backup - I'd tried to go somewhere else a few stations down, but they were closed for the holiday!

Anonymous said...

That is the same burger that I had here a few weeks ago! The sweetness of the filling was a bit strange as I was expecting more savoury goodness.