Wednesday, 19 January 2011

japan ii: roots cafe, hakuba

pirate ching shih manchot in the snow

I was cautiously excited about both seeing snow for the first time, and learning how to ski in Japan. Through my hostel I was enrolled in ski lessons with Evergreen Outdoor Centre, and they were excellent teachers. I had lots of fun!

What was also exciting was the news that there was a vegan cafe right next door to the ski school! I knew about it even before I left Australia - traveling companions Josh and Josie were already at the snow, and emailed to let me know that they'd eaten there, and that it was delicious.

I visited Roots twice during my stay in Hakuba. Being situated next to the ski school but not next to much else, it was only open during the day, so lunch was my only option.

curries at roots

I ordered the same thing both days, not because the other options didn't appeal to me, but because I desperately wanted rice and curry. The curry was simple but really flavoursome, and filled with carrots, potatoes and enoki mushrooms, and served with a salad and some potatoes. On my second and final visit I also purchased one of every type of baked good in the cafe. I did manage to also sample a few of the wraps - the soy chicken wrap in particular was incredibly delicious, and the falafel wrap was also pretty good!

Prices were good, and the service was okay, though they were always incredibly busy which may account for some of that.

Although the cafe is vegan, they do serve cow milk, so make sure you specify when you're ordering your beverage.

Roots Cafe
Next to Sakka One
Somewhere in Happo

GF available


Anonymous said...

Which would you rather -- Japanese or Malaysian or Thai curry? I love the homecooked curries here, I've never quite achieved that same taste with the pre-made sauces at the asian grocers.

Hannah said...

There is somethign enticing about the sweetness of Japanese curries! It's so lovely you found a vegan version - all the ones I came across seemed to be made with lard :(

You can keep the know to yourself, though. Horrible wet cold slushy stuff ;)

steph said...

@sugarspoons MALAYSIAN of course! om nom nom.

@Hannah I have to admit, I do quite like japanese curries. and the snow was fun! Not that I want to experience it regularly, but it was fun for a visit!

mikkeline said...

is this place still here? wow im about to go to Hakuba and was so worried about food options ! hey check out my blog


steph said...

mikkeline this place was certainly still there last week when some friends of mine went.

Anonymous said...

This place was still there last week...I'm not vegan and the food was awesome

mikky said...

O.M.G, so happy to have found this place...thanks for the blog. I loved it! so lucky to be staying at Happo one!