Thursday, 21 October 2010

dangerously close cupcakes at cupcake central, hawthorn

Recently, due to a random conflation of circumstances, I started drinking coffee.

Also recently, as I blogged about previously, Cupcake Central opened near my office, and sells at least one type of vegan cupcake a day.

So every now and then, I drop by to pick up a coffee and/or a cupcake. They've got bonsoy going on, too, which is just the best.

I'm trying to restrict myself to one cupcake a week, but I will be honest, some weeks you just need more than one, and this was one of those weeks.

my new habit

Monday I picked up a soy latte and a peanut butter and chocolate gluten-free and vegan cupcake. I took a mug from the office kitchen, because I don't have a keep cup, and they were a bit confused about me having a mug! But that was fine, and then it rained in my coffee on the way back to the office.

Fi has a post (to which I can't link, as LJ appears to be down) about the chocolate peanut butter cupcake, and how it was nothing special. I absolutely must disagree. I thought the peanut butter to chocolate ratio was just perfect, and the icing complemented it wonderfully. To work out who is right, and decide which cupcake is better (the peanut butter chocolate or the red velvet), we have decided that we have to adjourn to Cupcake Central and sample them both at the same time; however to do this Cupcake Central would have to make them both on the same day. Maybe if more people eat vegan cupcakes they will do this?

moar chocolate

Last night I had to go to a work thing until 2030, so I allowed myself a consoling late afternoon cupcake (and then, later, a cone of poutine from Lord of the Fries). Available was the chocolate chocolate (gf), which is a good, serviceable cupcake.

I am really enjoying having Cupcake Central so close: I just wish they'd bake more than one vegan flavour per day, so I could have a choice!

previous visit.

Cupcake Central
Shop 7, 672
Glenferrie Road


Vegan Vee said...

I also work near Cupcake Central & they had two vegan flavours today! The peanut butter & chocolate & the chocolate with chocolate icing. I'd had a peanut butter one before & it was okay, nothing special. But the one I had today was great! The cake was much moister & tastier than the one I had had previously. I'm also failing at trying to limit myself to one a week!

steph said...

I was in this morning and they had both the choc and the choc+pb! I was almost (almost) disappointed I had vanilla slice in my office instead!

Penny said...

Oh I so very much want a peanut butter and chocolate cupcake!

I made gf vegan choc+pb cookies a couple of weeks ago, and they were SO GOOD but so sweet! I need to work on my recipe!