Saturday, 9 October 2010

back blog: election day sushi

Many weeks ago we had a federal election! As is my preference, I headed off to an election night party, to eat food and watch Mr Anthony Green (Australia's most awesome election commentator) talk about the results as he analysed them live to air.

Unrelated to my love of Anthony Green, but related to my love of the Australian Greens, I made green sushi to take with me to this election night party!

green sushi for election day

I was worried that this would be weird, but in fact it was not. It didn't change anything about the sushi, except imbued them with awesomeness.

These sushi were also filled with some green things, such as avocado and cucumber, and some non green things.


Johanna GGG said...

that looks so cool! renews my desire to make sushi

Kate said...

awesome! XD

I voted Adam Bandt in for Melbourne, and when I was driving down King St last night and saw his offices I wanted to cheer :D