Friday, 7 May 2010

nudel bar ii, melbourne cbd

Nudel Bar is a regular haunt for me at the moment, because it's one of the places A and I can go together, that does both gluten-free meals and vegan meals in the CBD and isn't LotF. If anyone has a recommendation, please feel free to offer it! The food doesn't have to be vegan AND gluten-free, there just have to be vegan stuff and gluten-free stuff.

Usually at the Nudel Bar I'll order their CKT, because it's good and I'm too Malaysian for words, but this week I felt like a change. So I took a chance and ordered the potato curry with rice noodles.

potato curry with rice noodles

It was good. A mildly spicy curry, it went well with the roti the waitperson insisted I also order (though did make the meal a tad too large for me, leaving me sated until dinner time). The potatoes were cooked just right, which I love, and the coconut was really subtle, it was just mostly curry flavour. Ohhh yeeaaaah.

And then we went and had our photos taken.

fun tiems

I really like Nudel Bar.

Nudel Bar
76 Bourke St

gluten-free available


Kristy said...

Oh I really need to go to nudel bar one day. Everyone has been raving about it being very vegan friendly...etc.

Toby (too lazy to log out and log in again)

lisa said...

I go there when I'm eating with someone for the first time and I don't know their what kind of stuff they eat - it's a something for everyone place. I don't LOVE it, but I like it - I always get the mushroom and flat noodles dish.

Wagamama is about the same price point and they accommodate GF and Vegan - it's at the top end of Flinders Lane. But generally the city is a vegan wasteland!

Rachel said...

I'll have to go check this place out then, I don't think it's too far from where I'm staying in melb

steph said...

@toby yes go! it's good!

@lisa - yes, it's a reliable kind of place, which is good. and it does have something for everyone - even people who don't like noodles (we discovered macaroni cheese on the menu! not vegan). i avoid wagamama because the one in perth is pretty crap - is the one here ok?

@rachel - do you have enough food recs? if you're near nudel bar you're pretty close to fitzroy, lots of exciting stuff up there!

lisa said...

The one here is average, I reckon it's on a par with Nudel Bar service-wise and the food is at least made fresh. Chocolate Buddha in Fed Square is a similar price point and the same kind of food as well.

Jessie Upton said...

I really need to check this place out. I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I'm a brunswick girl and am gluten intollerant/border line cealic. As of this month I am also a vegan. I am always looking for new places to coffee and snack :)

steph said...

Hey Jessie! Glad you are liking the blog! There are lots of us Brunswick vegans now, it's pretty cool!