Wednesday, 4 November 2009

world vegan day at abbotsford convent

D and I ventured out for our first World Vegan Day in Melbourne! For the last couple of years I've been pretty jealous of people in both Melbourne and Sydney, having delicious vegan opportunities, whilst Perth had nothing much going on for WVD. So I was really excited to have a chance to go!

There was a medium-sized crowd when we arrived, about eleven. We wandered around a bit, peering at stalls, before deciding to have a pre-lunch pie, whilst the queues were still quite small.

funky pie

D had a spicy thai pie, which was delicious. I had a funky chunky pie, filled with mushroom and potato, which I'm sure was fine except that it was frozen in the middle! I exchanged it for another, which was also cold! So I gave up. This unprepared frozenness meant that the lines for the funky pies were very long later in the day, when their pies were finally warm.

We milled around inside, and met up with some bloggers (Vicki, Tahn, and Kristy + Toby), before going on a hunt for something else to eat.

raw vegan cheesecake

D picked up a raw cheesecake from Naked Treaties (by Jemma from s1 Big Brother). This was on the recommendation of Kristy, and both Kristy and D agreed that it was quite delicious.

zesty lemon gelato

After eating some things noodles and fried things provided by the Supreme Master (there wasn't a lot of choice other than that), I cleansed my palate with some delicious lemon zest gelato (which really had zest in it), and D had the bounty gelato (I thought it was yuck, but D liked it).

I wasn't feeling very well, so we left shortly after this, having spent about two hours wandering around, but not before we bought some goodies.

world vegan day haul

Featured here are three dips by Australian Vegie Gourmet, oven-roasted tomato pesto, lentil spread, and chunky tomatoes + chilli. They all taste so delicious! Also featured here are three chocolates, orange chocolate + cranberries, dark chocolate with white mint choc-chips, and chocolate with raisins. Not pictured, the greatest stickers ever, and my official Greens knickers.

Overall it was a success! I just wish there had been more savoury food.


Theresa said...

Sounds like a great day, and your choc and dips look delicious. That cheesecake looks especially good, too. Hope you are feeling better now!

Mandee said...

It's a shame that your pie was frozen but the cheezecake looks delicious and probably made up for it!

I'm Philippa O said...

sorry i missed you and that you weren't feeling well. funky pies seemed a bit disorganised. i'll just get mine from radical grocery.

steph said...

Thanks Theresa, I'm doing much better now!

Pip, it's cool, I saw you the next day! The thing about funky pies though is that they're really expensive (especially when compared to la panella).