Tuesday, 24 November 2009

breakfasting and brunching (a request for recs)

big vegan brekkie at ceres

When we first moved to Melbourne I thought we'd be breakfasting and brunching all over the place; I love breakfast quite a lot, and it was something to which I was looking forward. Alas, after almost four months here I find that we've gone out for breakfast or brunch exactly twice, both times to Ceres.

I love the Ceres vegan big breakfast quite a lot, but over the next couple of weeks we've got quite a lot of Perth friends coming across to Melbourne, and we'd love to take them out. So if you'd please, I'd love it if you'd share your breakfast (vegan-friendly) recommendations with me. We're happy to travel for good breakfast, but preferably somewhere vaguely serviceable by tram.


Seitahn said...

I've had the Big Vegan Breakfast at Soul Food which was big and delicious if that helps :)

BTW, going slowly through the book - Tweenie and I are reading one chapter a night together (well, most nights anyways) so it could take a while! Turns out my little sister in Perth is reading it right now too! So she will have someone to discuss the book with!


Ruth said...

Bomb cafe on Johnston St Abbotsford has both a big vegan fry up and awesome scrambled tofu.

Lentil As Anything at the Abbotsford Convent is mostly vegan.

As mentioned, Soul Food on Smith St has plenty of options. Also on Smith St is Trippy Taco, which does vegan versions of everything, if you fancy breakfast with a Tex Mex spin. ALSO on Smith St is Grumpy's Green, which is all veg and will do everything vegan, though I haven't been there and have heard reports the food is a tad average.

Vegie Bar on Brunswick St has heaps of vegan stuff, too.

Anonymous said...

A Minor Place has the most delicious white beans!
Though unfortunately it's the only vegan breakfast they've got :(
It's not marked as vegan on the menu and I'm not sure whether they would usually put butter on the toast or not, so I always make sure I specify vegan.

Pearl Oyster (where I work!) in Thornbury has a few vegan things on the menu, and two of the chefs are vegan so are pretty super happy to accomodate :) However, it's kinda hard to get to on a tram.

Gee, I'm being a lot of help here aren't I...

meveg said...

I'd recommend the Galleon Cafe on Carlisle St in St Kilda (for a different take on scrambled tofu) or Grigons & Orr in North Melbourne (the crispy pan-fried tofu is no longer made with the soy honey dressing, so vegan friendly, yay!), both have excellent coffee & are easy to get to on the tram.

Lidia said...

Cafe Rosamond just off Smith Street has the best beans I've had yet.

The Breakfast Club on St Georges Road does some nice vegan stuff, including a caramelised onion, baked bean, spinach and...something else...i forget...toastie.

I second Grigons & Orr - they also have a coconut milk based cous cous porridge which is nice. Also Minor Place - make sure you ask for olive oil instead of butter on your toast. The porridge and muesli are both good and can be made with soy milk. Bomb Cafe is amazing also.

Las Chicas in Balaclava is great but go on a weekday cos it can get a little busy.

Gluttony on Smith Street can be good in a pinch.

And this website is really helpful too:




Miss T said...

i am a huge breakfast fan, and my tops are:
Vibe Cafe on Smith St - they are excellent about makign things without dairy and very friendly - def our favourite; the Monster vegan at Soul Foods; and the scrambled tofu at Bomb (but not their fry-up: I found it very vinegary and disappointing).

steph said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments! I'm really excited to try all of these delicious sounding places!

steph said...

Oh and Tahn - no hurry on the book, I'm not desperate to reread it. :o)