Friday, 27 November 2009

mr natural vegetarian pizza [north fitzroy]

With the assistance of Google Maps, we worked out that we are just within the 4km delivery radius specified by Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza. So one lazy evening we decided to take advantage of this excellent and fortuitous piece of geography, and order in some pizza.

eggplant pizza from Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza

The eggplant pizza was delicious, but not super exciting.

pumpkin pizza from Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza

The pumpkin on the other hand was very delicious! I ate that one right up.

Mr Natural's prices are a bit on the expensive side ($16.40 for some of the large pizzas) but very delicious. They also do gluten free bases, for a small extra fee. They also have vegan cheese of the melty good kind.

Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza
469 Brunswick Street
North Fitzroy
Open every night


Theresa said...

Vegan pizza delivery? Sounds perfect!

steph said...

i know! it's pretty awesome. :o)

Liz said...

Oooh I've gotta get myself some of that next time I'm in Melby. Looks amazing Steph!
My wordpress is unlocked now :)
Love youuu

steph said...

Thanks Liz!

lisa said...

I'm two k's from you, wonder if I make it into the delivery zone? I always assumed not, because Coburg-Fitzroy sounds far (even though it only takes 15 mins by bike). You should check if you're in the EAT pizza zone! I call them every now and then but they always say no to Coburg.

lisa said...

Oh, pretty sure the Burg isn't in a 4km radius. Doh.

Danni said...


Shar said...

I think we got the Bezalya the other day. It was divine! The smell overwhelmingly complex and the taste was great! Either that, it was the Al-Turko. Wow, I really am hungry right now :P Food blog = fail way to get to sleep.