Thursday, 17 September 2009

things with roasted pumpkin

We roasted a pumpkin last week, for the purposes of a leek and roast pumpkin risotto, but this left us with about a quarter of a roasted pumpkin languishing in the fridge. We didn't want it to go to waste, so we made an effort at turning it into deliciousness.

spinach and roast pumpkin sandwich

First, we picked up some fresh bread (wholemeal and multigrain, or pumpkin five seeds, something really chewy) and made some roast pumpkin sandwiches. We sliced the pumpkin like lunch meat, then heated them until they were just warm, and layered them with avocado, tomato, spinach, and hommous. Delicious!

white bean pesto tarts

Then I modified Pip's tomato tarts with white bean pesto (which she in turn modified from Lolo). I cut the puff pastry into quarters, and chopped the tomato slices into halves in order to fan them out across the squares. I also reduced the number of cans of beans to one, though I kept the amount of pesto at one third of a cup. I made half of the tarts tomato, and the other half little squares of roasted pumpkin. I could have piled the pumpkin and the tomato on a little heavier - the amount of puffing that took place would have allowed that. Still, these were tasty, and I will definitely make them again!


Mihl said...

Those tarts are such an excellent idea! And they are beautiful. said...

Oh my gosh butternut squash tarts?? I want them now!

Johanna said...

those sandwiches look great - leftover roast pumpkin is such a treat - my latest batch went into pizza and soup

steph said...

Thanks Mihl!, they were so soft and delicious! The combination of flavours was most excellent.

Hey Johanna - I love using up roast pumpkin on pizza. I haven't tried it in soup though, I bet it gives it an awesome flavour!