Tuesday, 8 September 2009

delicious curry post

On Friday night it was a bit cold and stormy, and I wanted some curry, but I wanted to try something new. I love a good Malaysian curry, or a good Thai or Indian curry, but I eat a lot of curry and I'm always looking for something new and awesome. I searched through my delicious to see what I could see, and found these two curries that worked just great. I even managed to judge the cooking time correctly so they were both ready at the same time.

spinach and tomato curry

This spinach and tomato curry made heaps. At first I was worried that the two bunches of spinach the recipe called for would be too overwhelming, or two much, but it was just perfect. This was really delicious, and is definitely becoming a regular. Next time I might add some chunks of potato. I used Riva's recipe. This recipe had a small bite to it (but nothing you can't handle).

chickpea and mushroom curry

I supplemented it with this Kashmiri Dhingri Chole from Tigers and Strawberries. It made quite a small portion, so I was glad I had chosen to cook it in conjunction with the spinach curry, but the flavour of the mushrooms came through really well and made this a very delightful dish. This is not spicy at all.

We ate these curries all through the weekend, with roti and rice.


Jacqueline said...

They both look good Steph :)

nora said...

Haha, I'm sure that the first one is like reallly reallly delicious, but Indian food is so hard to photograph! Really, I'm not dissing your food photos, because despite what I'm saying, I want to eat both of those things, I just always have trouble photographing Indian food because it's often so monotonal!

Hua said...

Hi Steph

Both of those dishes look delicious. How did you make the first dish?

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Amy said...


steph said...

Thanks Jacqueline!

Nora, a lot of Indian food is quite colourful! The spinach curry concerns me less because of its monotone and more because of its resemblance to poo!

Hey Hua, the recipes I used are linked to in the post above. Thanks for your offer, but I'm cool with just my little private blog. :o)

Amy, it was!

A xx said...

Curry is my fav.. can I just say YUM!?

Vegetation said...

Wow! I suddenly have the biggest craving for spinach curry. It looks amazing!!