Sunday, 20 September 2009

tart n round, thornbury

Kristy made this great post about going to dinner at Tart N Round on Friday night, and I read it on Saturday afternoon, thinking about how fantastic it would be to eat that lasagna.

So this afternoon, in need of some delicious food and some cheering up, D and I ventured across town to High Street. This was a bit of an adventure, as before we'd left, we'd agreed that it was '269 or 263 or something' in Thornbury, and off we went without confirming the address! This was a big mistake, that saw us venturing as far North as Preston, before venturing South again in an attempt to find it! But find it we did, and we managed to snag a table before a huge group of cyclists came in and took every spare seat!

Kristy's aforementioned post was very inspiring, as no sooner had we ordered that Cindy and Michael turned up, also for Sunday afternoon adventures! They had just lunched at La Panella (our next stop), and had decided to pause at Tart N Round for dessert.


I spent approximately ten seconds glancing at the menu, mostly because I had already made my mind up, and was just confirming - I wanted the lasagna, corn sheets filled with mashed potato, roasted pumpkin, mushroom, and eggplant. It was so good!

open burrito

D decided upon the open burrito, which was also fantastic. The filling included kidney beans, corn and brown rice, and it had an amazing flavour, very strong but it totally worked. I am definitely going to try this all to myself sometime.

banana milk shake

We both ordered milkshakes (with icecream) - one banana, one chocolate. The chocolate milkshake contained huge chunks of chocolate, which was a delight that left me sucking the chocolate off my hands after I fished the chocolate chunks out of the soy milk!

In the end we were too full for dessert, but Cindy and Michael kindly offered us bites of theirs - I think they had a slice of black forest cake and a chocolate (and something?) cake. The chocolate cake was very dense and rich, and the black forest was very creamy, but they were both tasty!

some cake

Everything at Tart'N'Round is gluten-free and vegetarian and free of dairy and eggs (I don't know about their honey status). Deliciousness for everyone! And we will definitely be returning for future meals - not only was the food good, but the (very busy) staff were friendly and helpful.

the specials board

839 High St


Girl on Raw said...

YUM! Such comfort food and guilt free. I love good food :)

kristy said...

How funny, that you were both there.

Glad you liked it! I think once you have a milkshake with a meal there is little chance of fitting in a dessert :-)

I'm glad you got to try the desserts, I think they are the best part. I'm guessing the choc one was the choc mint mud cake.

Theresa said...

That sounds incredible!

steph said...

It was so delicious, and such a delight to be able to eat everything!

ABB said...

YAY! New local eats to try. I'm definitely going there this Saturday.... yum!

I'm Philippa O said...

i'm so glad it was packed! i've been there twice now and was worried because both times it's been completely empty. tim and i were there yesterday after school, both had a milkshake each - the banana was great but i couldn't finish it. tim's strawberry was a huge disappointment though - really bland, not even sweet :(
but we also had the peppermint choc cake and a zucchini fritter to share. both were delicious if a little expensive

steph said...

ABB, definitely try it out! It's delicious!

Pip, it was chockas, when Michael and Cindy turned up they had to share a table with someone else! I was really chuffed about that, after seeing everyone posting about how empty it was, I really hope that it gets off the ground and lots of people visit it and enjoy it!

I think I might like the savouries more than I like the sweets, though, they seemed a bit rich for me (though the chocolate milkshake was fantastic).

Victor said...

Oh, that looks so good Steph. I can have 2 of the banana milkshake please.

Btw do you prefer Melb compare to Perth on food? I like Melb, the food, arts and culture.

steph said...

Hey Victor,

I have yet to try lots of restaurants, so I feel I can't give it an accurate opinion, but I have found better vegetarian food in Melbourne, and the food overall has more variety and number of restaurants and cuisines.

Anonymous said...

This is the best vegan food i have tasted and the dessrts are AMAZING! I got talking to Andrew who owns/runs tart n round and he is very knowledgable about not only vegan food, but all the food allergies and issues people are developing these days.. so this is not just a vegan's a one-stop-shop for all the family.. Keep up the good work Andrew!