Thursday, 13 August 2009

reorienting myself in melbourne

So we're living in an awesome place in Brunswick, just off Sydney Road (just up from Tabet's Bakery, with its allegedly delicious vegan baked goods).

Before we left Perth, I was using up a lot of our dried goods, and then I gave away anything that might make a mess in transit (soy sauce, oils, coconut milk). As a result, I now can't find anything!

I was directed to an Indonesian grocery just outside Barkly Square, where I managed to find all the dried noodles I need, my favourite brand of roti, and tofu puffs. However I still need to find the following very important items:
  • Rice - I use either Elephant or Sunboat, identified by the corresponding symbols on their white bags. I buy these in anything over 10kg bags.
  • Soy Sauce - I use Pearl River, in the big bottles (750ml?)
  • Yao Chao Kuai

If anyone can tell me where I can find these, preferably as close to me as possible, I would be very very grateful.

Also if anyone has a lemongrass plant they're willing to divide for me, that would be awesome.


kristy said...

I would try minh phat (asian supermarkert) across the road from vic market. I'm in brunswick too, we should have a welcome to Melb dinner/lunch or something!

Theresa said...

I can't help, but good luck settling in anyways!

steph said...

Kristy, the supermarket across from Vic Market has come up a few times now, I will check them out soon!

Brunswick is pretty cool, I'm pretty excited. Perhaps I will bump into you!? Noms would be awesome.

Theresa, thanks! Having a place helps - now if only I can find a job!

eloise said...

My dad lives on Sydney Road too- he just sold the Brunswick Hotel (but I don't doubt it's still his local!).

You HAVE to have the roti wrap at Tom Phat. Is is amazing.

kylie said...

hello! i'm a new reader of yr blog. an i live in east brunswick. in case you haven't seen it yet, i wanted to mention a place at Barkly Square. it's a small Asian supermarket in the alley that runs thru the middle of the shopping centre.

they may have what you're after. and they have $2.20 tempeh

Lizzie said...

Maybe try Victoria Street (North Richmond i think... all i can think of is that its on the way to ikea... the 109 tram goes right through)

They have heaps of asian supermarkets with all sorts of goodies.

Welcome to Melbourne!

steph said...

Thanks everyone for your advice! I ended up trying Minh Phat, and I had a thorough search of the place at Barkly Square, and then I wandered out to Richmond. In Richmond I found an awesome array of vegan bao and fake meats, as well as my beloved yao chao guai, in the 'richmond asian grocery' or something, it's about 200ish on Victoria St and it was amazing!

Eloise, I really want to try out Tom Phat, I've heard so much about it!

Yang said...

Steph, you may have already discovered a grocery shop in Melbourne CBD China Town, just off Lt.Bourke St on the North Side...I think it is Hefferman Lane..opposite New Kum Den...does have some of the items mentioned. There is another Asian grocery shop on Russell St Between BOurke St. & Lt. Bourke St, you may want to try.