Tuesday, 4 August 2009

giraffe, cambridge (uk)

D was recently in Cambridge, and although there was a complete failure of photo-taking, there was one or two.

juice from giraffe

Giraffe is a chain of cafes throughout the UK, and a popular eating place for D's Cambridge colleagues (as demonstrated by the number of juice giraffes on their desks).

The menu is immediately vegetarian-friendly, but is not immediately vegan-friendly (and the waitress didn't know what vegan was). But they were happy to remove things from the felafal burger until it was vegan (and delicious). Will had a vegetarian breakfast which comes with veggie sausages. The juices are really tasty and come with a giraffe looking over the glass. The prices were expensive by Australian standards (£10-11) but maybe not by UK standards? Not sure.

felafal burger from giraffe

christs lane
(behind H&M and next to bus station)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Giraffe's pretty pricey. :(

Rachel said...

Ohh, I wish I'd visited this place! All of UK is pricey when it comes to food. =( London... really bad.

angie said...

yeah, london is notorious for really expensive food. :(

i've always thought there should be a vegetarian fast food chain in australia - that didnt involve selling only salads like edens or sumo salad or something. you should set up a giraffe here :)