Friday, 28 August 2009

nudel bar, melbourne

I met up with A for lunch today, and as she is gluten-free and I have no idea where to eat in the middle of Melbourne, I brought along the Melbourne Veg Guide for its first outing. On the tram I set my heart upon Nudel Bar, so we wandered up Bourke St. We were both happy with our meals. I didn't bring my camera so I wasn't going to bother blogging it, until we got to dessert and our (very delightful) waiter informed me that the nyonya pandan pancake was vegan.

I have to tell you, without delay or hesitation, internets, I love pandan. When I smell pandan, I cannot help but think of Penang. When I taste pandan, I think of Penang. And to be able to eat this amazing pandan nyonya treat, with slivers of coconut through the centre! It was amazing. I was so freaking excited.

Given lunch had been a very excellent char kueh teow, just the right amount of wok hei and not too many vegetables, well. It wasn't enough to make up for not being in Penang (as my mother has been this week), but it certainly helped.

This photo was provided by A's camera phone.

nyonya pandan pancake with coconut filling and pandan icecream

Nudel Bar
76 Bourke St


Victor said...

I love pandan as well, Steph. Wow, that is very green! Tee Hee. I remembered making a pandan sponge cake for a friend's dinner party. Of course, it was green as well. One of the "kwai-lor por" said it looks like the algae in a fish tank! It is an ingredient quite foreign t the westerner. But I still love my pandan leaves and essence. I have to try that place next time in Melb. Cheers.

Johanna GGG said...

wow that colour is glorious - I have never cooked with pandan but always think I would like to - so maybe one day

steph said...

It is very green, Victor, but it always is! I was very excited to see it on the menu, and it tasted quite great! I am always pleased when I can find it, it is so hard to find in Australia and I think you are right, it is quite a 'foreign' ingredient for Westerners! Such a shame, as it is such a great flavour!

Hey Johanna, I've never cooked with pandan either, I just appreciate other people cooking it for me!

Victor said...

Steph - you should try. It is quite easy. See if you can buy the fresh pandan leaves, if not snapped frozen. I know in Sydney they sell them fresh at the Asian market. Here in Hobart, I buy them snapped frozen. You can extract the juice by chopping the leaves into pieces, then use a blender and sieve to extract the juice. Otherwise, pandan essence from Asian supermarket will do the same thing. Tiny drops. Not too much or it becomes too overpowering. :-)

Amy said...

I am so there.

lisa said...

I'm a Nudel Bar fan but have never tried their sweets. Now I want to check out the pandan!